Innovation from Paying Attention

Poaching and terrorism.  Innovative thinking developed from close reading of a problem.  Someone saw this pattern emerge.  They saw poaching and terrorism form a link. Like intensifying attention on fare-beaters in the NYC subway and ending up with nabbing violent offenders.  This comes from the always informative The Crime Report,


Can a Crackdown on Poaching Help Defeat Terrorism?

By tracking and preventing wildlife poaching, governments can severely interrupt a major revenue source for terrorist groups, according to a recent report by the non-profit Stimson Center, which researches issues related to international security and weapons of mass destruction.

Among the terrorist organizations known to traffic in killing and sale of illegal animal parts are the Lord’s Resistance Army, based in Uganda and South Sudan, and Al Shabaab, a Somalian offshoot of Al Qaeda.

The center estimates that both groups bring in millions of dollars per year through the wildlife trade.

African militant groups in particular profit from poaching, because “elephant tusks and rhino horns are sold at extraordinary prices – $50,000 a pound for rhino horns on the black market,” according to the study.

The Center recommends the employment of advanced statistical methods and data analysis to map the illicit trade in animal parts worldwide.

In addition, governments should improve “coordination (with) groups focused on conservation, development and security to fight poaching and wildlife crime.”


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My name is Jim Jordan. I have had the privilege of working with the Boston Police Department and hundreds more departments over my nearly 30-year career in police administration and city government. I am now teaching and consulting independently at I have learned the best of what I know from the thousands of smart, dedicated and ethical police personnel and scholars who have guided me along the way. My address is named for the great Reform commissioner of the Boston Police at the turn of the 20th century. Commissioner O'Meara died just a short while before the Strike in 1919. He was replaced by a vicious puppet (of Gov. Coolidge) named Edwin U. Curtis. Had O'Meara lived events may have turned out quite differently.
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