Hats off to Sanity

Let us give a salute to the four police chiefs whom the Mass. gun advocates are suing. Let’s call the Roll.

Chief Bob Champagne, Peabody
Chief Gary Gemme, Worcester
Chief Richard Grimes, Weymouth
Chief Neil Ouellette, Danvers

My personal views are mine alone.  I do not know what what the four chiefs believe other than their demonstrated dedication to upholding the Constitution and the laws.

I do not believe the gun advocates when they say they are allies of the police. Police officers are among the people most likely to be killed because we are awash in easy-to-obtain handguns. That easy availability also adds a major source of dangerous stress to the police workplace.

I would believe the gun advocates if  were they to join with sincere and full hearts and throats in the campaign to prevent violence, especially against cops, kids and women. But having heard their statements and positions over and again for 30 years all I can hear, even when I try as hard as I can to push aside my biases, is a sense of entitlement and self-justification.  I have yet to see or feel their sincere concern for victims.



About stephenomeara

My name is Jim Jordan. I have had the privilege of working with the Boston Police Department and hundreds more departments over my nearly 30-year career in police administration and city government. I am now teaching and consulting independently at www.sergeantsleadership.org. I have learned the best of what I know from the thousands of smart, dedicated and ethical police personnel and scholars who have guided me along the way. My address is named for the great Reform commissioner of the Boston Police at the turn of the 20th century. Commissioner O'Meara died just a short while before the Strike in 1919. He was replaced by a vicious puppet (of Gov. Coolidge) named Edwin U. Curtis. Had O'Meara lived events may have turned out quite differently.
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