Crime, what crime?

One of the most disturbing developments in this year’s elections is the way various candidates and parties have discussed rape.  Crime has not been discussed very much at all in either the presidential fight or in US House and Senate races.  But to the extent that crime is an issue, the hot topic has been the spinning and implicit justifying of rape.  Rapists nationwide are said to be crawling out of the slime to take heart.

In Mizzou a candidate piped up to give us “legitimate rape.” An original application of the “show me” standard?  Legitimate shares a root in Latin with “lawful.” He couldn’t have meant rape should be lawful in certain circumstances in MO, could he?  He couldn’t have meant that he would vote that certain rapes should be lawful in the US should he win election to the US Senate, could he?  This same man has some singular ideas about female physiology so who knows?

In Indiana, according to a US Senate candidate there, rapes that result in pregnancy are intended by divine Providence.  God is on the side of the rapists, one cannot help but infer.

For at least a century or so rape has been among the most despicable of crimes, even making the perpetrators pariahs among pariahs, subject to “corporal punishment” at the hands of other bad guys.


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My name is Jim Jordan. I have had the privilege of working with the Boston Police Department and hundreds more departments over my nearly 30-year career in police administration and city government. I am now teaching and consulting independently at I have learned the best of what I know from the thousands of smart, dedicated and ethical police personnel and scholars who have guided me along the way. My address is named for the great Reform commissioner of the Boston Police at the turn of the 20th century. Commissioner O'Meara died just a short while before the Strike in 1919. He was replaced by a vicious puppet (of Gov. Coolidge) named Edwin U. Curtis. Had O'Meara lived events may have turned out quite differently.
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